Resident Evil “Mansion of Evil”

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Presenting a most terrifying attraction!

Experience for yourself the terror of the latest release in the series, “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” in our latest attraction!
Updated to the latest version on 15th December 2017, and operating now to popular acclaim!

Welcome to the “Mansion of Evil”, where terror beyond your wildest imagination awaits you…

There was once a series of missing people cases,
in which people disappeared one after another,
and a strange rumor spread that “something” lurked here. Now people avoid going near this building, and at some point it came to be called the “Mansion of Evil”.
Participants enter it as members of an urban exploration club…
At first keen to explore, they then find a videotape inside, and when they try playing it…

It shows a recording of the incident that once occurred
in this mansion. And what was that thing they saw…?!

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Attraction Information

Price\600 (1 person)
Capacity10 people
Height restrictionNone *no entry while carrying small children