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This attraction is closed on May.7th,2019.

Experience the appalling and realistic horror

You can experience the horrific feeling with no idea what is going to happen next!
You can enjoy an overpowering and realistic horror
experience at this 3D sound horror attraction.

Dolls with pathos and emotions…
From olden times, tales of mystical dolls have been passed down in various regions.
It is said that for “dolls that were meant to be the embodiment of humans”, their owners’ pathos and emotions are transferred to the dolls,
and that they can cause various paranormal activities.

This is the story about those “dolls”.

We were waiting for you… for, so long…
There was a “doll temple”, which was built to hold rituals for the spirits of children who died young,
and so that the children wouldn't be lonely dolls were used.
Many of the dolls were kept safe in the “room of the dolls” at the back of the temple.
However, a sad atrocious event occurred…
Afterwards, the temple was laid in ruins, and the “room of the dolls” was sealed off.

The “room of the dolls” has been left un-touched, with many dolls remaining there…
who are waiting for “living humans” to come by!!

Once you enter that place, there is no going back…
Going through the “dark passage”, the ritual will be held to pray for the dolls
at the sealed off “room of the dolls”…
Would it be successful, or…

You will be haunted by a terror you have never experienced before!!

Attraction information

Capacity8 people
Price600 yen (1 person) *Passport-Ticket available.
Height restrictionNone
Age restrictionPlease be noted that anyone under the age of 7 is not allowed to enter.
Children ranging from 7 years-old to under 11 years-old must be accompanied by a guardian.