The powered up horror experiential entertainment show has come back!

A zombie themed attraction where guests walk through themselves!
A combined direction with a video production and a performance of real-life actors to create its realistic presence, providing some thrills and excitements unique to this attraction!

What kind of horrific events will befall the guests!?
Have fun playing as one of the casts at the horror experiential entertainment show!!

A round trip tour at a zombie asylum
"~Zombie safari tour~"

A few years back...
An unexpected and indiscriminate Zombie attack on civilians at a bed town suburb stroke terror into their heart...

A Zombie research Institute, so called "ZOMBIE ZOO" was founded by the government to isolate the zombies and investigate their the facts about them.

The details of Zombie's behavior was finally being unveiled, despite having many victims from an accident during the research.
The round trip tour titled as "Zombie safari tour" was held, in order to share the knowledge with citizens for their safe lives.

And then...
The tour participants were supposed to get to know about Zombies, but...
All of a sudden, they got attacked by bugs that are the source of infection, and a panic was caused in the facility!!

The staffs get infected and keep coming to attack, while you run into the facility deeper... and deeper.

Can you survive this desperate situation and get out of the laboratory!?

Attraction information

Price600 yen (1 person) *Passport-Ticket available.
Height restrictionNone *no entry while carrying small children
Age restrictionPlease be noted that anyone under the age of 7 is not allowed to enter.
Children ranging from 7 years-old to under 11 years-old must be accompanied by a guardian.