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The first Shooting Theater attraction has arrived!

Up to 26 people can play simultaneously.

Aim at the targets that appear apear one after another on the huge screen and enjoy gun shooting while competing for high scores with each other.

After the game ends…
A picture of the 6 players who got the highest scores will be shown on the screen as a reward!

This attraction can be enjoyed by both small children and adults!

Become one member of pirates' crew and get the legendary treasure!

Accompany the pirate “Black Beard” to the mysterious island “Skull Island” in the pursue of the legendary treasure !
Defeat the army of skull pirates led by your foe “Red Beard” obstructing your way to the island!

Achieving the treasures depends on the players’ skill…

Let's get going!!!!

Attraction information

Capacity26 people
Price600 yen (1 person) *Passport-Ticket available.
Height restriction None *Needs a parental guardian for any people under 110㎝.
*Cannot hold small children while playing.
Age restrictionrestricted to under 3 years old