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  • Mystic Mansion〜Tale of Pandemonium〜

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The 3D gimmick theatre for everyone
has been added to our amusement park

Experience the world of “the monsters from Ukiyo-e”
created using the latest 3D technology.
You can enjoy the sensational experience with surprising gimmicks such as
the contraptions built into the seats, and “gusts of wind” that blow through the mansion, etc.!

A “Japanese style” horror attraction which can be enjoyed
by everyone regardless of age or gender!

The earth-shattering hubbub that the monsters cause!

Be ware of the mischievous monsters…
Creep into the mansion where the monsters gather night after night, and sneak a glace of the rumored “pandemonium”.
The monster moving around the mansion will catch you off guard by suddenly appearing from the walls, the roof or behind the sliding doors,
or even spin the empty seats!?

Please enjoy the little “tricks” of the monsters
that are a bit scary,
but also somewhat charming,

just for a little while…

Attraction information

Capacity30 people
Price600 yen (1 person) *Passport-Ticket available.
Height restrictionOver 110㎝