A creation from the Australian company, ZERO LATENCY, who are the first to create a virtual attraction where 6 people can play at the same time.It used to be a shooting game when it was first incorporated.

It was first tested in Melbourne for a year as a Beta version. It then went viral on the social networks and it is a big hit that cannot be contained. So this time they decided to turn it into a full official service.

The particularity of the 『ZERO LATENCY VR』 is that the players can roam freely in the attraction space, they can also team up with and play 6 people at a time. Since it is necessary to put on a head mount display (HMD) with the latest VR technology and with the free roam multi-play, it gives the game a realistic aspect.

⚠ In the following cases the application cannot be accepted  ⚠
・Age: Under age 13
・Height: under 110 cm
・During pregnancy
・A person who has just consumed alcohol
・A person with high blood pressure, with a neck, back or heart condition
・If you suffer from any other type of condition please check with the staff
・A person with impaired hearing
・A person with impaired sight
・A person that has motion sickness, or has sickness related to 3D or VR
・A person who cannot follow the rules or the orders from the staff
・A person who has suffered a condition and are not sensible to light, sound or sudden movement.
・A person using a wheelchair
・A person that has an fracture part of the body
・A person who is sensible to loud noises
・A person who is afraid of dark places
・A person who is afraid of closed spaces
・A person in an unwell condition
⚠  The people in the following cases, please inform the staff during reservation ⚠
・If you are physically challenged
・A person who has an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
・A person with autism
・A person with a mental handicap

*About the limits in the use of the rides, please contact the Tokyo Joypolis office directly
Phone number:03-5500-1801

These precautions are currently in use, at this date of December 1st,2018.

★About the reservation and the cancelation ★
About the pre-reservations conditions.
⚠ Please go on with the reservation after agreeing to our terms of use.
Please be at the attraction 15 minutes before the reserved time
Example: if you reserved for 12:30, you have to be here at 12:15
We do not refund for cancelations
⚠ No matter the situation, we do not refund for cancelations
You can change the date or time from up to more than 15 days before,
But from 14 days before the reserved day, no more changes can be made.
Example:If you made a reservation for Dec. 31st, you will not be able to make changes after Dec. 17th on ward.
◆You can make changes by logging in to your portal screen which you can access
 from the ‘here' (link) that is in your reservation completion email,
 or from the log-in button on the top left part of the reservation screen.
The reservation process
①Please show the ‘reservation completion email' at the reception counter, 15 minutes before your reserved time for 'ZERO LATENCY VR'.
*The tickets cannot be sent.
②Together with your guest(s) we will go over the usage restrictions.
③We will have you enter your information such as your email address, height, and which hand is your dominant hand.
Reservation start date When your reservation will be released
Thu.,Nov.1st 10:00 Sat.,Dec.10th - Sun.,Dec.9th,2018
Sat.,Dec.1st 10:00 Sat.,Dec.1st,2018 - Thu.,Jan.31st,2019

*There are cases when the reservation time is changed without any warning.

Weekdays1 guest:1,800 yen(tax included)
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays/ Beginning and end of the year as well as special operation days 1 guest:2,000 yen(tax included)
Tue.,Dec.25th,2018 -Fri.,Jan.4th,20191 guest:2,000 yen(tax included)
★Payment method★
You will pay at the time of your reservation using your credit card / PayPal
The guest who will be making the reservation will pay for the entire purchase

*You cannot use cash to pay.
In order to enter the TOKYO JOYPOLIS you must pay a separate fee. Please purchase an entrance ticket or one of the passports.
*Please check here for information for the day tickets (entrance ticket / passport etc.).
Passport cannot be used
★Age restriction★
13 years or older(guests who are 12 years or less cannot use.)
★Overview of the games that will be played★
≪Story overview≫
The city that was attacked by zombies and experienced damage on a catastrophic level──────.
According to the transmit ion from the troops that arrived first who were sent from GHQ, there are having difficulty rescuing the citizens.
Our mission as the Alpha team, is to obey the orders of the Godfather, and protect the transmit ion device which is a crucial key to the rescue mission.

Defeat the horde of endless number of zombies, and complete the mission!

*The image is enhanced for advertisement purposes.
★Regarding the play time etc.★
・The duration is 30 min.(briefing (explanation)time 15 min.+play time 15 min.)
・The limit number of players is up to 6 guests.
*Depending on the number of guests, you might play with other guests.
★Clothing during the game★
You will be carrying an approximately 4kg backpack on your back, and move around holding an approximately 2kg gun.
・Please play wearing clothes and footwear which are easy to move in for your own safety.
*Depending on your footwear, we may have you switch them with the footwear that we prepared at our facility.
*There is no area for changing clothes in our facility.
*Before you play, please leave large pieces of luggage (suitcases, etc.) inside the lockers of our facility.
・Before you play, please take off and leave any accessories such as ear piercings, necklaces, watches, etc. and leave them with your luggage inside the lockers
・Please remove your glasses when you put on the headset.(You can make adjustments depending on your eye sight.)
・During the game, please hold the gun tight with both hands, and if you are not able to operate the equipment you will not be able to play.
★Regarding the email address that will be used(Same is for the members)★
Please use your email address for you computer.
⚠ There are many cases where the letters appear un-readable with carrier email and email that can be received only with a smart phone.
* / / ,etc.
⚠  You cannot make a reservation using a feature phone.
⚠  If you are blocking emails coming from overseas with your settings you will not be able to receive the emails, so please temporarily disable the setting.
There are many cases in which the email address is input incorrectly, so please be careful.
⚠  If you enter the wrong email address, you will not be able to receive important notifications.
Examples of when important notifications are not received
①Characters other than half cased alphabetic letters and numbers are included.
②Unnecessary spaces are put in front and behind the address.
③‘,(commas)' or ‘…’(continuous dots)are included.
④There is a dot next to the @ (at sign) as can be seen in‘' etc.
⑤There is a dot at the beginning as can be seen in ‘'.

*A reservation conformation email, etc. will be sent to you from ・
Please adjust your settings, so that you can receive emails at the registered email address.