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A non-spinning attraction, more haste less speed!
Filled with a sense of speed and thrill
An attraction with refreshing new sensations.

The sled ride from the near future that spins 360 degrees.
At a speed of 300 km per hour, makes you experience high
speed The new attraction filled with new sensations

★Put your breaths together and go for the wining position.
You can control the side with the handles on each side.
Follow and catch-up with your rivals!
On the upper part of the control stick, there is the spinning
button So you both push it at the same time, you can spin
at the same time, with the same breath
The more you spin, the faster it gets Team work
is the key to success!
Aim for the goal by adjusting the speed!
Enjoy a speed filled with excitement and speed!

Attraction information

Capacity 2 people (1 ride) *4 rides at a time (maximum 8 people) can race together
Price600 yen (1 person) *Passport-Ticket available.
Height restrictionOver 140cm and under 200cm